Photo by  Thomas Long

Photo by Thomas Long


Photo by  Waiam Cia

Photo by Waiam Cia


Logline: Game Theory follows our main Character Ali, a cool computer developer, through her journey as she tries to save the video game company she works at by joining forces with the criminal gangs of Singapore. Her moves have consequences that she cannot foresee and endanger her friends and family.

Writer: David Miller

13 x 45’ Episodes

More details following soon.

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Logline: Thoatram is a dramatic and engaging series about campus life in university. We are brought on a journey through the eyes of different students from the first and second year and experience their scandalous power struggles, back stabbings, betrayals and attention grabbing on campus. The second year students rule the campus, while the first year students will slowly be manipulated from innocent bystanders to active participants in the intrigues and scandals of romance and campus politics. What is the cost of popularity and power? How long before the ugly faces behind the masks are exposed? 

Concept: Jegan Mellam, Devarajan Varadarajan, Jerry Koedding

45 x 30’ Episodes

More details following soon.