Nur Ainun (DRAMA Telemovie)

Starring: Syarif Sleeq, Adlina Adil, Fauzie Laily, Suzannah Abu Bakar, Nurijah Sahat, Shaquille Daniel and Gurmit Singh

Logline: A story about the love of a mother towards her son, which against all odds is not reciprocated. How will they be able to overcome their differences?

Initial Broadcast on 6th March 2015, 9pm on MediaCorp's Suria Channel.

Running Time: 90 minutes


Producer: Jerry Koedding

Director: Devarajan Varadarajan

Writer: Hariyani Othman

First Assistant Director: Jegan Mellam

Executive Producer: S. Gulam

Story by Devarajan Varadarajan, Jegan Mellam, Jerry Koedding 

This film is commissioned by Singapore's Malay TV Channel Suria and produced by Silver Screen International, co-produced by Wave Films