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Following a series of anonymous tip-offs, a gambling den run by a ruthless kingpin is raided on one of their biggest gambling nights. The raid reveals all forms of illegal gambling and all suspects required to solve the case. Millions of dollars were changing hands that night, with millions more in a safe. There is only one problem. All the police found were casino chips and loose change. Where is all the money? A tale of friendship, betrayal and revenge. Kickback will bring you on a journey through a heist that doesn't seem to have taken place.

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Vision from the Director

"Kickback is a first of it's kind Heist Film set in Singapore. The plot is intelligent and features a myriad of characters that contribute to the intelligence and fast pace of the film. We have a very experienced crew and back end team backing a a new director with very good vision.

The film will showcase a fictional underbelly of Singapore. Two different syndicates battle for supremacy and are thwarted and robbed by the most unassuming group of people. The plot twist is revealed in the most intellectual of ways. The audience will be brought on a journey through a story that will unfold itself and keep their attention while giving them a reason to continue watching.

The vision for this film is to break new boundaries and change the landscape of filmmaking in terms of storytelling and cinematography. The film has a stellar cast, never before assembled on such a scale and promises to deliver the most compelling acting ever seen before on a local cinema screen by a local feature film." (Devarajan Varadarajan)


During the Kickback Trailer Shoot: